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Studio Privates

Experience everything that Pilates has to offer in a fully equipped studio. Lessons tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Be it tying your shoelaces or completing an iron man and everything inbetween. 

People take privates for many reasons including 

Doctor/Physio referal

Back/Joint Pain


Athletic Performance 

Strength & Flexibility


Pre/Post Natal

Or maybe you've only ever done mat or Reformer and would like to deepen your practice and discover more about what your body needs.

  • 1 Private (50 min) €60
  • Block of 5 Lessons €275

Group Mat Classes

Group Mat Classes are back at the stunning Soearth Projects in Kill, Co Kildare.  Run by local artist and Psychotherapist Heidi Morrison this space really is a treat for the senses.

The classical mat sequence moves the body in all directions, leaving no muscle or joint untouched. It builds from the basic foundation exercises to more advanced dynamic movements.

Class sizes will be limited to 12 participants.

Corporate Classes

Every year in Ireland many work days are lost due to back pain and stress. Long hours of desk and screen time are taking their toll on employee’s health. With many people now working from home they may also feel a little isolated from their colleagues. Why not get everybody to meet up virtually for some Pilates bonding.

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"As a mature customer, (67yrs of age with osteopenia), I am absolutely thrilled with my on-going Fitness Programme as scheduled by Heidi. She always challenges but takes care not to push too far. I love her wide variety of equipment, and somehow she keeps finding new things for me to try out. I especially love her choice of images and word pictures, to help me visualise what we're trying to achieve. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone, younger or older, to help stay flexible and fit."

Sylvia Armstrong

"My name is Hannah and am a dedicated Dressage rider. I started Pilates over two years ago with Heidi to increase my core strength and flexibility with the sole purpose of improving my riding. It has helped to a huge degree and at present am the holder of 4 National Titles on my horse Florentina DWS. A huge thank you to Heidi who has been integral to my success."


"Pilates with Heidi, the best thing that has happened to my body, I am now able to roll back and articulate my back! My core is in good shape, under the bit of a spare tyre. I can on occasions do the teaser. An absolute must."


"Having attended Heidi’s classes for approximately 8 years, I simply cannot compliment her enough. Her expertise and professionalism is second to none. I have been fortunate enough to experience all of her classes at different stages over the years but have found the private classes the most beneficial."


"In my late 60's I was in bad shape.  20 years of osteoarthritis had taken its toll on my body.  I could barely walk and my doctor told me I would be in a wheelchair soon. I contacted Heidi and once a week I met her in her lovely studio in Co Kildare where she encouraged me with gentle movements to regain some mobility. Heidi was patient and kind and encouraged me to move painful joints but she was always mindful of my limitations.  She has given me back mobility, strength and confidence and for that I am most thankful."


"After 10 years suffering with juvenile arthritis I had not found a form of exercise that I was able to do without injuring myself until I started with Heidi. We started our reformer sessions together and every step of the way Heidi tweaks and specifies movements to suit any restrictions or pains I have. 2 years in and I have never been as strong and mobile. I no longer need a walking stick to get around, I feel fit and toned - like a normal 26 year old! I can say without a shadow of a doubt that reformer pilates with Heidi has completely changed my life and I am so grateful for her."


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